Please fill out a contact form and let me know what kind of photos you are looking for and what your timeline is. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

At this time, I do not do large weddings, parties, or events. 

I live in Port Saint Lucie, FL and I am willing to travel as far north as Vero Beach and as far south as Palm Beach. Travel fees apply for photoshoots outside of this area.

I can suggest locations based on the type of shoot you are looking for but I suggest finding places that are meaningful to you. Along with your photos, the location they are taken at will help tell your story. 

For portraits, white or soft colors with small patterns work best, no graphics or logos please. For photoshoots with multiple people, complimentary colors look best. For outdoor yoga photography, avoid black and bold prints. For all sessions, wear something comfortable. Aside from that, wear something that makes you feel confident. For more details and suggested color palettes, download the Styling Guide here.

Most of my photography is outdoors, and I schedule all photoshoots either in the morning or late afternoons to avoid the harsh light and unflattering shadows that happen midday. If you want to shoot indoors, a place with large windows and plenty of natural light is best. 

Florida weather can be tricky. During hurricane season (June to October), I am flexible with rescheduling for rain because our downpours can be monumental. However, during high season (November to May), we shoot rain or shine. If you are scheduled for a yoga shoot, we will reschedule for inclement weather.

Yes and I encourage you to do so. This helps both os us align on the same vision and if there are specific photos you would like, this will help me ensure that I capture them. 

I don’t promise a specific number of photos but I promise to deliver all the photos that help tell your story. You will receive a minimum of 10 photos. You will likely receive MANY more. 

Editing plays a big part in the final look of a photoshoot. For this reason, I do not provide RAW files.

I will send you a couple preview shots within 48 hours so you can get excited. Expect the rest of your photos within 2 weeks.

Absolutely. You can order directly from me and they will be delivered directly to your home.

My photography style is documentarian meaning that most of your photos will not be posed and looking straight into the camera. I will capture you doing life – walking, cuddling, moving, maybe even eating. I will take a few posed portraits but these are not studio photos. If you are looking for posed portraits in a studio setting, I am not a good fit for you.

What to expect

Life Stories

For couples shoots, expect to have some fun. I will offer some direction but most of your photos will simply capture you as you are, doing something fun together, in a place that holds meaning for you. I will guide you throughout the shoot and we will work together to co-create photos that are meaningful for you. My hope is that the photoshoot itself is as memorable as the photos you’ll create.

For families with small children, expect some chaos. There will likely be at least one person who isn’t paying attention. There will be mundane, everyday moments. There will be lots of moving, distraction, and talking. But there will also be lots of laughing, loving, and playing. That’s how life is. And that’s how I’ll capture it. 

What to expect



We’ll start easy to get warmed up with mudras and light stretching before moving to standing poses and more advanced asanas. I will give you direction and cues (I’m a yoga teacher myself) and you will need to hold poses for a few breaths so be ready to get a little sweaty. If there are specific poses you would like a photo of, make a list – there’s a good chance you’ll forget during the shoot. Lastly, feel free to bring an outfit change, props, a mala necklace, or anything else that is authentic to your practice.


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